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Arnold Radon Testing

Why Care About Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a common cancer-causing chemical. Radon gas is well known to instigate lung cancer in children and adults.

38%+ of houses in the Arnold area have a radon gas concentration near or above the dangerous amount.

Radon gas naturally occurs in the dirt, not the home. No property, new or old, is fully encapsulated against radon.

Each home meshes with the topsoil differently. That is part of the reason why houses adjacent to each other often have majorly different radon levels.

Radon saturation will fluctuate daily and monthly inside of a normal range. A one-time radon sample measures a single day or week and is a reliable bellwether of whether the house has a radon gas accumulation.

Radon has a half-life of 3.8 days. That means that radon concentration will not be any higher if the structure is closed for years or months.

How Does Radon Gas Seep into a Property?

Houses are not supposed to be completely hermetically sealed.

Vapors may seep in through each grounded vent in the home such as sump pits, utility connections, and even small imperfections in the foundation’s concrete.

The method to know with confidence the saturation of radon gas in the structure is to have a radon test.

Radon Testing Method

Testing a property for radon is a unique service when completed alongside a property transaction.

Your radon specialist will position the radon gas analyzers in the dwelling. Radon gas analyzers are placed on any level that touches the ground. Normally between 1 and 3 probes are left in the house for the radon gas analysis.

Our radon professional will close every window and door, close the vent on the fireplace, and make sure the HVAC system is running in the prescribed manner. Our radon expert will additionally treat any required window with tamper-proof tape to make sure that closed home conditions are maintained.

The radon gas devices remain in the home for two or three days recording the amount of radon gas in the house. A technician will return to the building once the radon testing is finished to take the devices and generate a report.

Contact us today at 636-242-6235 for a free estimate! Our radon testing staff will come out to hear about your property, measure the area, and get you on target for making your Arnold house one you can enjoy without reservation!

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