7 Ways To Get A Higher Price On Your Home Sale

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7 Tricks To Ensure A Higher Home Price

There are plenty of items that you can think about when planning to sell your property, but only a small few can hope to raise your sale price. Read on for seven expert tips to make sure you get the most for your home sale!

  1. Bathrooms and kitchens should be comfortable and inviting without turning it into something indulgent or ostentatious.  The overall return on investment for these rooms falls between 60% to 80%, so be sure to calculate that as part of your remodeling budget. 
  2. DIY is great to a certain extent, but you should always partner with an experienced professional for anything that could potentially lead to home damage or injury!
  3. Your bathroom and kitchen cabinets are extremely visible, but rather than replacing them, you can simply paint or reface them to avoid pricey and time-consuming improvements.
  4. Refresh your bath and kitchen fixtures and hardware to quickly and easily increase value and style.
  5. In most cases, it is recommended to invest money to make your home look refreshed instead of simply replacing something with the most state-of-the-art version. Something as simple as a new coat of paint can be a better addition than an upgraded appliance.
  6. Try to avoid poor ROI renovations and try to avoid rooms with low resale value including basements, attics and home theaters. Additions tend not to be worth the price tag unless you have plans to stay for awhile and enjoy the benefits for years to come.
  7. Keep in mind that the market will decide the selling price, and plan appropriately.  The estimated price tag of your craft room or home theatre could be different than that of a real estate professional. 
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