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“Home inspectors are trained to run water and observe that it drains correctly, that the lines aren’t clogging or backing up. However, experienced home inspectors will tell you that it is not uncommon to test running water at a home for over 10 minutes with no problem observed, yet once the client moves in—the drain almost immediately backs up! Why? The problem is often that the main sewer line is clogged, or worse, has been broken and obstructed by tree roots in the yard. The inspector only runs the water for five to 10 minutes, which isn’t enough water to find a backup in the main line from the street all the way back to the house.”

Thus begins the opening lines from the cover article of this month’s Working RE Home Inspector Magazine, by Isaac Peck. (Click the link in red to read the whole article) Every month, this magazine arrives in our office – full to the last page with helpful articles and relatable incidents in the Home Inspection arena. This month highlights an all-too-common issue in the Home Inspection process. … the buyer ordered inspections, but they skipped the Sewer/Lateral scope… (it was “too expensive”; it was an “as is home”; there is a municipal sewer program in place so why bother now, etc.) But, I guarantee you, standing in your basement of your new home, with sewage swirling around your ankles…you will be WISHING you had done this one!

Don’t Believe Me?

Read the personal story of our company owner, Liz, and see for yourself!

“My family of 5 moved into our home 18 years ago. Sewer Lateral Scopes weren’t really a thing when you purchased a home.  Of course, my husband “The Inspector” ran water, flushed toilets, pushed the water like he always does during an inspection before we moved in – No Backups!

Fast forward to move-in week.  It’s never fun moving and having sick kiddos, especially when more than one gets the stomach flu. Well, I felt like I was running laundry and giving baths around the clock those first couple of days, all while getting moved into our new home.  Water was flowing, and then it flowed backwards, right into my basement.  All water usage had to stop. The plumber found a block a couple of hundred feet from the house near the connection to the City Sewer Line at the street.  If the backup had been closer to our house, it would’ve backed up more quickly.  Because it was so far down the line, it took longer and more water to reach the house.  Either way, it backed up and entered my basement.

No one can predict if something will back up or if lines are broken. You will only know through the camera lens of a Sewer Lateral Scope. Make sure you don’t skip this process.  It is worth the money to have the knowledge of the conditions of the lines.”

Is a Sewer/Lateral Scope cheap? – Probably not. But compared to the $5,000 to $10,000 cost to repair a broken, collapsed, or damaged lateral sewer line, it’s PENNIES!!!! And the peace of mind, seeing clear pipe from your home to the street is worth the cost.

Still not convinced? – Alright, let me add a little more comfort to the equation. If you had your Home Inspection with us, and it included a Sewer/Lateral Scope (which indicated no issues at the time of Inspection)…

You are protected for an additional 12 months at no cost to you!

That’s right! The SEWER/GARD protection plan for your home is included with every home inspection absolutely FREE! It provides automatic coverage for the first 90 days if you did not order this service and is extended to 12 months when your services included a Sewer/Lateral Scope.

And that’s not ALL…..

Our Home Inspection services include a complete array of additional coverages, from top to bottom, ABSOLUTELY FREE to you! Feel free to check out all of our included services on our website: Castle Home Inspections, Inc. or give us a call and we can go over the entire program with you!


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