cold out

It’s Cold Outside

Did you know the weather outside actually changes what gets Inspected? It does indeed. And the weather can also prevent things from being inspected. Check out the rest of the blog to find out what and when  changes occur based upon current weather conditions…

I see the snow on the ground and that tells me the A/C unit wasn’t operated. Doesn’t say it wasn’t inspected, but it was not turned on and run…..Why? ….you can Google it, I’ll wait…. Because the compressor inside that condensing unit is not designed to be run in weather with an ambient air temperature lower than 60 degrees. And if you do, it can permanently damage the compressor.

It creates the perfect “Catch 22″… we can’t fully check it due to weather; if we do it may fail in June when you fire it up; if we don’t it may have an issue that isn’t clearly identified at the Inspection.

So….what do you do? Well, lucky for you, we work with certified and insured HVAC partners who have the ability to test the system fully, no matter the weather. There is an extra fee for it, since it’s outside the scope of the Natural Gas Inspection, but it absolutely CAN be done. Now, as far as the specific steps….we leave that up to the experts (our Natural Gas/HVAC Inspectors) but I assure you, the drop in temperature and the snow can be overcome.

And the weather doesn’t just affect the HVAC…it also affects the roof, gutters, sewer scope, and septic inspections as well…WHY????

Because If We Can’t See It, We Can’t Check It!

You would think that would make sense, but trust me when I tell you it doesn’t always. Numerous calls come in to the office that begin “There was snow on the roof and he wasn’t able to complete the Inspection and…” STOP! RIGHT THERE! The truth is, he did complete his inspection and he reported the conditions that were present at the time. And technically, he is actually DONE and not obligated to return to the home without an additional fee…

BUT… one of the reasons our Agents are loyal and continue to refer us for almost 22 years…because my guys will go back out to a property, at no charge, to re-check a roof when the snow is gone! 9 out of 10 times, we just drop it on the inspectors’ schedules and off they go. No charge for the trip OR the amended report!!!

Just one thing about roofs – you will need to let us know when the snow is gone! Sun, shade, temperatures, insulation and roof pitch all play a factor in how quickly the snow melts on your home. What may be melted on a neighboring home may not be melted at your new home.

We want to make absolutely certain the buyer gets the most Inspection for their dollar. On every single Inspection. It’s important to us. The truth is, in this business, word of mouth is the best referral and we get 4 out of every 5 Inspection appointments in this exact way! So Baby, when it’s cold outside, don’t be afraid to book an Inspection!


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