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It’s Mine

Caller: “I’d like to speak to Steve Armstrong please.”

Me: “I’m sorry, Steve is an Inspector and he is on an appointment. Is there something I can help with or may I get a message to him.”

Caller: “Yes, I need him to call me…..

He did an Inspection at (insert address) about a month ago. That buyer walked away and I am the new buyer. I’ve purchased the inspection from that buyer and I need him to call me to review his findings on the home. I don’t actually need an inspection and I don’t want to spend any money on it. I just want him to go over what he found and confirm that’s what needs fixed.”


Me: “Unfortunately, the original inspection is the legal property of the first buyer. I would have to have their permission for Steve to speak to you. I can call them if you would like me to and ask if he can. But it sounds like he would need to come back out and re-inspect the home for you. He cannot verify the current conditions without seeing the home again, due to the current conditions possibly being different from a month ago.”

Caller: “Oh. Never mind then. I don’t want to spend any money on an Inspection.”


That caller really wanted my inspector to call in on the phone a full thirty days later and be able to speak to (and verify/confirm) the current conditions of the home! FOR FREE!!!

I can’t make this stuff up! It happens. For real. Which brings me to the first topic for today…who actually owns the Home Inspection???

(answer) The first buyer. Our contract is legally binding and between them and us. Period and end of story. They paid for it and signed the Agreement for Services, so it is theirs. That said, they can do whatever they want with it…including sell it to somebody else….

BUT… we cannot speak to the current conditions of a home based on the findings of the original inspection. Nor can we even speak to the new buyer about the home without actually calling the original buyer and receiving permission. And if we are able to get permission to speak to them, we simply cannot guarantee the current conditions without actually seeing the home….

That sounds like a money grab right??? WRONG!!!!! The truth is, conditions inside a home change. Daily. And there is no way we would be doing our jobs if we attempted to predict they would not change in 30 days, or tried to guarantee they hadn’t changed without seeing the home. It’s not good business. And it’s not smart or safe.

The number 1 responsibility we have as Home Inspectors, it to protect our Client. It’s a goal we strive to meet every day. So, if you buy a home & we did the original inspection, be aware, conditions change and it’s our job to protect you. Order the new Inspection and let us protect you too!


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