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What Do You Mean I Have More To Do?

So, now you have your Inspection scheduled, right? Wait, you DON’T???  No worries, you can just click here to jump right to the website and do that! But come on back after because we are going to talk about what comes next in this process!.. I’ll wait right here. Yup… you have more to do…

You’ve chosen an Inspector, chosen your Inspections, and made your phone calls, now what? MORE PHONE CALLS!  Unless you called me that is (and nope, I’m not the part of the only team that does it this way; I am , however, only qualified to tell you about us.)

In a nutshell, we offer 1 Residential Building Inspection with unlimited options from the 6 Ancillary Services we offer

Don’t feel bad, I had to look it up when I first started working here! – I saved you the trouble though (You’re welcome). The short version is it’s the “sides” on your Inspection “menu”. Every Inspection Company is different and each one has their own list of “sides” to pick from.

Let’s take a harder look at the specifics of them. Our Inspections are priced based on square footage. Not zipcode. Not list price. The owners feel strongly that “a house is a house no matter where it’s located or what it costs, and every house deserves the same care and consideration.” – It’s pretty simple. So that means no “packages”, no “bundles”, no “levels”, no “tiers”, colors, bubbles, blocks…or whatever else they are calling them this month – Simply put: You DON’T have to order a bunch of stuff you don’t need to get a “discount” on what you actually want!  That is the way it has always been here. You can pick and choose what you want from what we offer. Period. There is no upselling either. Nobody is going to try and talk you into adding things onto your order. (I don’t know about you, but I find that VERY nice!)

What is on that Ancillary Services list?

– 5 things: Termite (aka WDI or pest) Inspection, Radon Testing, Sewer/Lateral Inspection (aka sewer scope or camera scope), Natural Gas Inspection and the Septic & Well Inspections. There’s more to come but that’s in the future. And whatever gets added will be governed by the same set of rules!

See that list? That’s the “side items” we offer. Pretty simple list! and you can absolutely choose exactly what you need/want. And if you have questions about what they are or why you might want them, just call us and ask. It’s what we are here in the office for! An educated buyer is the best kind and there is no such thing as a stupid question! Ever! Ultimately, as a home buyer, you should be able to order what you want, not have to order what you don’t want, and have a clear understanding of what you’re getting.

I am going to repeat myself right here…YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND SOMEONE CHEAPER!  But your goal should be to find the best person for your home inspection. Did you know there are different levels of Termite Inspectors/Inspections? (Me either!) But there are! And different types of Radon Inspectors too! Additionally, the number of variations and parameters that affect Septic Inspections are just too many to count!

And that is where we come in! We have taken the guesswork out of who to pick!

Do I have your attention yet? Here’s how it works…

EVERY vendor we use is properly insured and certified or licensed within their industry. We have called, verified their credentials, and we have copies on file. AND, if they don’t have it, they aren’t on our list!
All our Vendors have Supra EKey access. This means fewer trips for Agents and/or Sellers to let inspectors in which makes everybody happier.
Reports are delivered via email promptly, and sent direct from the specific vendor. This provides you acces to their email, phone and other contact information, allowing you to contact them if you have questions I can’t answer.
Support emails for the specific services ordered are automatically sent out through the email notification system with additional information you may want/need related to that service. You don’t have to ask, they are linked to the service ordered and they just GO!

Make your phone calls and ask questions!

Find out what credentials they require for their vendors. Find out if they are insured. Find out if they are licensed and certified. It’s part of the due dilligence you have to do! Buying a home is typically the single most expensive purchase you will ever make. And budgeting for proper (and for the best) Inspections you can, is important. This is your home we are talking about! – Or, skip all that, visit the website www.stlinspectors.com, poke around some, and then call me! I’m happy to answer all your questions!

If you’re reading these, comment or share or just give us a like! Suggestions for posts can be emailed to: castle@stlinspectors.com as well! I’m always looking for ideas!!!

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