Termite Inspections

Wood Destroying Organism can cause extensive damage to a home. A visual examination of the home is performed to identify wood destroying insects, signs of infestation, and to recommend treatment and management options.

What To Expect

  • Inspect readily accessible areas of the home and attached garage
  • Inspect the readily accessible interior parameters of the lowest level of the home
  • Treatment Recommendations

What Will It Cost?

Termite Inspections vary based on the size of the home. Prices may be subject to change based on unforeseen variables.

Prices range from $79 – $129

Please contact our office for a detailed list of all items included in your septic inspection.

Castle Home Inspections Provides a Variety of Warranties

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Get The Most Out Of Your Inspection


Save Time With Repair Addendums Made From The Inspection Report

Saves precious time – no more copying & pasting items to create your repair addendum. Use our  Create Request List™(CRL™)  feature to create a list and attach it to the regular repair addendum form right from your inspection report.

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Repair Estimate Report ( RER) by Porch

Getting repair estimates for the items found during your home inspection is a huge pain point. Now save time, effort, and energy with the RER through Porch. Experts will deliver you an itemized list of estimates to review, based on your inspection report. Now creating the CRL is easier than before. Fee for the RER is $80.00.