Castle Home Inspections Provides
a Variety of Warranties

Learn more about your FREE Warranty Coverage
& the 18-Month Warranty


Covers repairs for leaks on the residential roof for a period of 5 years from the date of the inspection.  This includes all residential roof types, including asphalt/composition shingles, slate roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and non-commercial flat roof types. This warranty applies to the home itself, and specifically excludes other structures.  $3,000 aggregate coverage. Deductible applies.

90 Day Warranty

We back all of our residential inspections. A 90-Day Limited Structural and Mechanical (10 years and newer) Warranty with a ZERO deductible applies to the residential home. Zero deductible for qualified repairs.

Mold Safe

Covers any New Visible Mold in the home that was not there at the residential inspection without doing a mold inspection. Up to $2,000 coverage for remediation of the new mold. Deductible applies.


Covers underground Water Lines and Sewer/Septic Lines for failures to the line. The 90 Day coverage may be extended to 6 months if a sewerscope was done with residential inspections and there were no issues at that time. $4,000 aggregate. Deductible applies. May be renewable.


We match appliances against the national database to see if there are any outstanding/potential recalls for their household appliances.  1 in 10 homes has a potential recalled appliance and they are usually a fire hazard.


Covers the home buyer when there is a radon test done and the test comes back at a safe level of 3.9pCi/L or below.  If a 2nd test is performed after the original test within 120 Days, and the new test is at an unsafe level then this policy pays up to $1200 for a mitigation system to be installed in the residential home.  Deductible applies.

NXT Structural Warranty

Covers structural malfunctions and failures for foundation systems, roof framing systems, floor systems, and more. Includes residential homes on permanent foundations and attached garages. $13,500 coverage for 6 months after the Inspection. Deductible applies. May be renewable.

The Simple Warranty

Covers nearly every mechanical component in the home with very few exclusions. No pre-existing conditions. Includes drain line stoppage, new termite infestation, microwave, washer and dryer, annual HVAC maintenance and more. Because your inspection was performed by us, your policy is in effect for 18 months.  Deductibles apply. Renewable.